Joel Moreno Codinachs

guitarrist - composer

Joel Moreno Codinachs Trio


JMC Trio is a meeting point for three restless musicians. With a solid Jazz language, all three let their imagination fly away to achieve an organic and free dialog.


Led by the guitarist Joel Moreno Codinachs the group is completed by Oriol Roca (doublebass) and Santi Colomer (drums), two of the most renowned Jazz musicians in Barcelona. Influenced by trios like Jim Hall's, Keith Jarret's, Jimi Hendrix's, Ahmad Jamal's or Gateway, they start their musical talk with an arrival point yet to be discovered every time, where gaming and collective improvisation are present at every step of the way.








Joel Moreno Codinachs, guitar

Oriol Roca, doublebass

Santi Colomer, drums






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